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This site provide information on my consideration of Jung's concepts in my instructional design and training work and my thoughts in this regard. The site is under construction and with available time, I hope to have it better organized.and easier to navigate. Thanks for visiting. 

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Introduction To The Values of Human Performance Engineering This is a short video describing the value of Human Performance Engineering in today's technology, training, performance evaluation, critiquing, simulation, and Etc.  View the short video.


Jung in Education And Training, Ted Reed, Retired Educator and currently a Teaching Golf Professional. See the short video. Download the doc file.  

Technical systems performance engineering and human performance engineering. A short paper briefly describing the application of HPE in the technical arena. Published in Human Resource Development International: Enhancing performance, learning, and integrity, Volume 1 Number 2, July 1998, publisher Routledge, ISBN: 1367-8868. Sponsored by the Academy of Human Resource Development and the Institute of Personnel and Development. Download the paper


Cost Accounting For Training American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), Training and Development Handbook Fourth Ediction, Published by McGraw-Hill. Download the chapter



Consciously Facing Life’s Challenges and Level of Adult Maturity.  Download Word Documentent

Consciously Facing Life’s Challenges and Level of Adult Maturity Download Power Point Slides  




Illusion and The Design of a Successful Simulation Program Presented at a Conference of the Edison Electric Institute, San Francisco, 1988 Published at the C. G. Jung Page Website:  Download the paper.


"Jung Outside The Clinic Applying Jung’s Ideas To Solve Challenges In Business, "Industry, and The Military And How The Concepts Could Serve The Needs Of A World in Crises" Presented at Jungian Society For Scholarly Studies, Affect and Action: Psyche in a Time of Crisis"  11th Annual Conference of Research in Jung and Analytical Psychology Jungian Society for Scholarly Studies Download the presentation Docx.



"Steinbeck, Ricketts, Jung A Presentation in Monterey, California Presented to the Monterey Peninsula Friends of Jung. June 4, 2005 Download the presentation Docx. Download MP3 audio of the presentation.



The Social Parabolic Mirror A Thesis Based Upon John Steinbeck's “The Moon Is Down”


"John Steinbeck, Phalanx, Jungian Thought, and the Improvement of High-Level Management Teams"


"New Approach Speeds Simulator Design And Procurement" Published in "Power Engineering" magazine, April, !987 Sorry about the multiple pages.






"Improving Manufacturing Competitiveness The Human Performance Engineering"by Wesley W. Stillwagon and Roland S. Burns, Ph.D, University of Plymouth, UK. Published in the Operations Management Association (UK), Springer-Verlag PDF Documents







The Phalanx In Tortilla Flat A short paper about Steinbeck's concept of the phalanx as it was applied in "Tortilla Flat" Download
Accept One Another Power Point slides from a presentation to a Unitarian Universalist Congregation  
Glossary of Terms





Learning Objectives a short paper on judging a training/education programs or design based upon the learning objectives.  
A Leisurely Look At Human Performance, Summer Of '49 by Thomas F. Gilbert, Ph.D.  in his masterpiece, "Human Competence, Engineering Worthy Performance. Goto Page

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